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Euroquilt have developed a range of bedding using COOLMAX® fabric which is the ultimate in performance for effectively moving perspiration away from the body during the night or day. The amazing fibre-based moisture management system will evaporate moisture quickly which allows you to sleep cooler and more comfortable than ever before. Landmark linen Company specialise in all things bedding and is the best place to buy them all with confidence. We even offer a price match guarantee, so you know you’re getting the best price when you buy via our website. The COOLMAX® range includes fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers, mattress protectors, pillow protectors, pillows, summer weight 2.5 tog duvets and the complete coolmax solution sets.

Coolmax 2.5 tog duvet. Featuring revolutionary Coolmax technology. When applied to bedding, coolmax is a revelation, especially if you habitually get uncomfortably hot at night. Amazing high-tech fabric designed to wick moisture away from the skin with specially engineered polyester fibres (Significantly improve on ‘breathability’ of natural cotton) Moisture produced by our sleeping bodies is almost instantly transported away, held by special particles in fabric then released later to cool you down. These Euroquilt duvets have a Coolmax case and Comforel filling, Comforel has down like feel but retains ‘loft’ night after night.

Machine washable at 40c. Tumble dryer safe, offers temperature-balanced comfort. Light weight 2.5 tog rated.

We are proud to be able to bring you This “Coolmax” Fitted Sheet with elasticated skirt and manufactured from 100% pure Coolmax fibre for optimum effect – the Coolmax fitted sheet offers enhanced protection through the night. Coolmax high tech fibres form a unique moisture management system. The multi-channel cross section fibres allow moisture to move rapidly – cotton covers retain moisture in comparison. Beautiful peach skin finish offers soft luxurious comfort and the fitted sheet is easy to care for and washable to 60 degrees.

Euroquilt Coolmax Pillows

Filled with high quality Dacron Comforel fibre filling, this is a wonderful pillow & a pure pleasure to rest your head on for a great nights sleep. The outer casing is made from 100% pure Coolmax high tech fabric which actively ensure moisture is removed quickly and effectively from your head as you sleep to ensure you stay fresh and dry. The filling works to further absorb humidity and allow it to dissipate quickly and efffectively. Tencel is blended into the fibres – this derivative of wood is highly absorbant and soft. The result is a wonderfully soft yet supportive pillow.

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